Waltz across Texas with you…

Dad and I have been performing Sunday afternoons at a little local Tavern that is maybe 2 miles from where we live and we decided that an afternoon gig would be absolutely perfect not just for us, but for the crowd we draw here in our home town. The folks who come out are 50+ years old and such sweet people too. 

Lord how I miss music…

As we were playing last night I realized something; all the years we have been performing in Nevada in those beautiful casinos, hardly anyone dances anymore and if they do, it’s on a slow song so they can cuddle up or a fast song where they can really boogie, but it is a rare site now days. Even more rare to see people waltz, two-step, 10-step, cha-cha, or swing.

I have been performing since I was 13 years old and I grew up performing in our local Eagles Lodge, Gussies and the Timber Inn and when I say grew up I mean I was around so many of our elders all the time, I got to sit and speak with them nightly, hear their stories, their good times and bad and was given multiple life lessons from these folks. For that I am thankful. I was around these folks more then I was around kids my age, and being in the bars at a young age, I saw/heard things kids my age wouldn’t be introduced to for years to come… well, at least you would hope. Anyway, with all that, I matured.

Our elders taught me more than just life lessons though. They also taught me to love dancing! Watching these folks stroll around the floor was magical. Each step so perfect with their partners. The twirls were elegant, the dips were romantic and I wanted to learn it all! So I watched very closely and carefully. One day my dad asked me what I was doing because he saw that I wasn’t paying much attention to the music and I told him I was learning how to dance. He asked how I could learn all those steps when I’m not out there doing it myself and I told him it was easy, you just have to watch and one day one of our regulars came up to the stage and asked if I would dance with him. It was a waltz and as dad played “Waltz Across Texas” and I was on that floor with this gentleman, I felt like one of those professional ballroom dancers… all I was missing was that long flowing elegant dress (lol). We didn’t miss a step as we twirled around the floor and he even taught me a few more moves that I hadn’t seen yet that made the waltz that much more amazing and elegant. He was a great teacher and such a sweet man. 

I miss those days…

The whole point of my story is this; As I watched these folks last night dance the night away I realized that dancers like them won’t be here forever. There will come a day when we will be on stage and those dances will no longer exists. It’s already slowly happening and it is a damn tragedy! 

At least I have those memories and I know those dances so when I get married I can teach my husband and teach our children someday, so maybe it won’t be totally lost after all.

I’ll miss those days though…


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