Wow, I had no idea how long it has been since I last wrote! Time just seems to get away from me now days and I don’t quite sure know where it goes. So here’s the scoop on the band…

Here lately we have been trying to stay a little more locally based at home due to family health issues. We believe family is everything and takes priority above all else. So, there are a few places here in town we have gone into and I have got to say, it feels good to be back. Don’t get me wrong here, I absolutely still love being on those fancy stages in Nevada, but being in a little roadhouse type bar and seeing so many of our older regulars has been a treat.

The road has taken us away from home for about 10+ years now and before we left, we had quite a following. Now that we are back home we are seeing some of those faces again, but sadly, not all. 10 years is a long time to be away and we have lost some fine folks in that time. Just a while back an older gentleman that we know came to use and asked, “do you know where all the people are?” And when we said, “no, where?” He came back with,  “they All DIED waiting for you to come back!”. As bad as thus is going to sound, I laughed a little too hard at his remark. It wasn’t that I thought what he has said was so funny, but the way he came out with it! I felt horrible after a second for laughing because he was right… so many people we once knew had passed away. I think about them often and wish we had the opportunity to have seen them one last time.

So, we are not fully taking a break from the road, but more slowing down a bit so we can focus on what is really most important in life…. family. 

Take care everyone and have a great day!

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