Been a while…

I know I haven’t written in a little while and that’s my bad. Everyday I wake up hoping something new and exciting will arise and then I’ll have something to tell you all about but sadly, that hasn’t happened. I don’t ever want to write out here and tell you guys “I went outside today… it was bright and warm” or anything super boring like that. I want to let you all in on the good stuff.
With that being said, I don’t have anything good to share right now sadly but I do have a little bit of a rant though if it’s ok with you.

You know, my family and I try very hard to be as professional as possible wherever we go. We try to look as good as possible even though we can’t afford it. We try to sound as good as possible even though some days our bodies are just not participating (playing our instruments and singing). We try to be as friendly and inviting as possible even though some days we would rather be alone. We try to put on a good show even though some days we just can’t. We try our very best and for me, I have tried my very best for 16 years. My father has dedicated 43 years so far himself. My mother and youngest brother have been apart of the group now for I believe 5 or 6 years and they also try very hard.

I cannot say this for every single group that is out there but for my family and I, I can say we are an incredibly professional group and keep it that way. We don’t party, we don’t drink on the job, we don’t start fights, and we don’t pick on people just because we have a microphone. We may joke with people in our audience but that is to make them feel apart of our show and they feel good about that.

Some places we have performed at before look at us musicians and think we are the lowest on the totem pole and some places treat us that way also BUT no matter how we get treated by a venue or by customers, we strive to be as professional as we can but sadly, sometimes that is just not enough.

My family and I do this for a living. It is all we have and all we know. We make sure that our equipment is up to date and is fully functional. We make sure we dress properly. We make sure we are polite to everyone we encounter no matter their status. And most importantly, we make sure we enjoy what we do.

We live from gig to gig, paycheck to paycheck, so sometimes we cannot afford the luxurious things like rhinestoned stage outfits, or that newest guitar that just came available last week that is $35,000 or more, but we do and have always made sure that what we can afford looks good and sounds good.

We are country folks. Born and raised. It’s in our blood and we enjoy the what is now known as “classic country” because THAT is when country was still country… not this new shit that shouldn’t even be considered country. It’s crap! If we get booked into a new venue, they already know what genre we play, so we will play what we love and if it sounds like it’s “twangy” (because that’s how people describe Merle Haggard and other great artists now days) then I am truly sorry that you feel that way but we won’t stop.
There are a few non country songs we have added into our show, and there are a few more out there that I wouldn’t mind learning, but we will always be country.

I’m sorry if some people don’t like that, our look or our sound, but the ones who do like it seriously out weights the ones who don’t and it is those people who make what we do worth while.


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