First up.

For the past couple of days dad has been hard at work trying to improve our site for all you fine folks. Easier to manage, easier to explore, fast loading pages, connections to our social media sites, etc and so far everything is looking good! Right now we’re in discussions about “color schemes”. Isn’t it funny that that has to be one of the major discussions about a website now days? I remember when the internet was first introduced and white was all you got with black font! Now he asks me, “what color do you like?”… hell, I just like it to be visible! Haha! So, I’ll just ask you… how’s it lookin guys?

Ok, now for the low down. We have been home for a bit, but in that time we have been able to get some much needed work done around the homestead. THANK GOD! We had a few really nice days to go out and work and then the storms hit making more work to be done BUT that can wait for another day. Hey, gotta have something to look forward to right? Now on Monday we get to make an epically LONG drive to Elko, Nevada. It’s about a 13 hour trip I believe.  Normally we would split the drive up and stop in Reno for the night, but this time, we’re gonna be crazy and go straight on through.

We absolutely love Elko though. The Red Lion Casino is probably one of the best places we’ve ever performed. Love the casino, the cabaret is beautiful, the rooms are amazing, the food is fantastic, they have a Starbucks (nuff said), and the people are so humble and inviting. They make you feel right at home. So yes, long drive but well worth it once we get there. It’s odd though… we play the same amount of hours there as we do anywhere else but every time we go to the Red Lion and hit that stage,  it seems like the nights just fly by and 2 songs later, we’re done. IT’S AWESOME!

We’re looking forward to this next week for sure. Wonder if there will still be snow? Well, until next time folks. Take care and goodnight!

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